WD Art Shop Is Finally Here!

My dear friends, I would like to announce that the WD ART Shop is finally here!!!!,
I love designing and all kind of art so I thought why not combine my passion with work and make something that can really help people and me as well! and I came up with this idea that I wish will benefit you and help you in any possible way. This shop is a dream come true and I’m enjoying every second I spend on creating a new products.

The WD Art shop contains different digital products, from planners to cards and quotes books and a lot mooore to come!

I chose all my products to be digital because I want them to reach everyone, no matter where you are now, you can purchase any product and start using it at the same moment!

All the products will be available in two languages English & Arabic which is my mother tongue.

Visit our shop here: WD ART and celebrate with me the opening of the shop and get 30% off your order with code: hello30 ends at 25/Jul/22.

Thank you for being a part of this journey, I couldn’t have done any of this without your support!

Huge Love,
Walaa ❤️

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