Travel Essentials You Will Need In Every Season

Traveling is my favorite thing to do ever! I never get bored with it, I could fly three times a month with the same excitement each time. I just got back from my last trip and I already miss traveling! from my previous trips, I now know what’s the most important things to take with me in every trip, and I think it my help you in your next. These are the five travel essential you may need in every trip you take no matter what the season is;

1-Water bottle: Hydrating your body with water is the most important thing in your everyday life not just in traveling, but while you’re busy exploring the world you may forget to take care of yourself. A bottle of water that is 700 to 1000 ml will keep reminding you of how important it is to finish it- at least twice a day- and you can take it with you everywhere you go. This way you can keep track your daily share of water.

2-Hand Cleanser: It’s always important to keep with you a hand cleanser wether it’s a sanitizers, wipe tissues or whatever you’re comfortable with, for sure you’re gonna need to cleanse your hand and there’s a high chance you may not find any sink around, so it really can help you if you were prepared and set.

3-Headwear: Wether it’s cap or hat, a headwear will always surprise you with how much it can be useful and helpful, especially when you’re in a place where you can’t expect the weather. The sun sometimes, if not always is unpredictable and a cap can really help protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, beside it can really add a stylish touch to your look.

4- Earphones: Especially in the airplane, an earphone is a must, and if your trip contain a road trip, long distance walk, flying from city to another, it always a good idea to have an earphone to keep you company and able you to listen to your favorite music.

5-Camera: It’s the best way to capture images for you and your family/friends to reminisce in the future. Beside If you love photographing, breathtaking monumental sights can make you a pro photographer even if you’re not! you can never predict what view you’re discovering so keeping your camera near you is a very good idea.

These are my five travel essential that I take with me in every trip I make, Share with me what’s the one item you can’t travel without.

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