The Story Behind My First Quotes Book

I love reading books, I recently added reading to my everyday morning routine and I wonder why didn’t I do this before! I always read books about self growth and self improvement. since 2017 I had a little notebook where I used to write the most inspiring quotes, after I made the self-love cards for 40 days. my sister suggested that I do a 365 day cards. I immediately decided to turn the cards idea into a book instead! so I started to do it and I chose the quotes that was about self enlightenment, while searching for quotes through my favorite books and the internet, I remembered my notebook! when I collected the quotes on my notebook I had zero idea that after five years I’m gonna use it to write my quotes book! maybe it was all meant to take me to this exact moment! maybe it was planned a long time ago before I even realize it!

I grabbed my notebook and I start writing the quotes from it. I had a target to finish this book in two weeks, of course it took me more than a month to finish it, because I wanted it to be the book that can help anyone who reads it, I wanted it to give whoever reads it the message that they’re looking for. and I do believe that this book can and will do that. The universe is always talking to us if we just can listen. And with the quotes that are from the most inspiring souls in the world, I believe this book has their power inside of it, and I think you will feel that too.

It’s an E-book, you can purchase it now and enjoy reading it at the same moment, you can find it here in my WD Art shop or in Amazon

I am so excited and happy to share this book with you, and I would love to give you the first 30 days as a gift and to let you feel the power that I’m talking about.

Hope you enjoy reading and find the message that you’re looking for!

My Love,

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