The Only Fastest Way To Happiness

Happiness, aren’t we all searching for happiness, aren’t we all want to live happily ever after. I mean who doesn’t?

The thing is, if you’re not happy with who you are right now and what you have right now, there’s nothing in the world can offer you happiness and makes you happy.

I learned this from Abraham Hicks’s book “ Money and the law of attraction “ and I have recently experienced it in my life, I learned this law and understand it and saw it.

Happiness comes from within and never from the outside, when you send an intention to be happy and appreciate everything you have in your life, then and only then surround yourself with things that matches your vibrations, everything will come to you but not before you send your intention. The universe will see and acknowledge your vibe and will send you people, events and things that match it.

Always look for the happiness inside of you before you look elsewhere, you will find it in you then in everything around you. Thank God you don’t need anyone’s help for that! It’s so easy and quick this way.

After you send your intention to be happy, write a list of the things that can make you happy when you do them and start to try it and live it one by one. If you feel joy when you paint then make time for yourself and start painting, if you love to go to the beach then spend more time there, if you feel joy when you surround yourself with your family and loved ones, be with them and appreciate every second with them. This simple step really helped me when I was going through hard time, I decided to change the way I feel then I wrote a list of the things that make me happy like dancing and drawing and playing guitar, I took courses and I started to spend more time on doing these things and that really helped me to feel good, after that everything changed for the better. and I did it alone by myself, so you have no excuses not to!

All I’m saying is to be happy and to enjoy your life, make some time for yourself and do more of the things that makes you happy because your happiness is entirely up to you!

Hope you have a joyous happy life!
My love,

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