Review| Vegan Nail polish

I love nail polish I find it a different kind of art, I like to choose my colors based on my outfit, the occasion or sometimes the season.

One day I was online shopping and I found this brand that makes plant based nail polishes, and I got excited to try it because I have brittle nails and most of the times when I wear a nail polish my nails start to break. So, I wanted to try a vegan polish and see if it will make a different. At first, for some reason I thought the texture will be soft and light, But quite the opposite, it was amazing and easy to apply, and it last as long as any regular nail polish.

The Color is between dark grape and eggplant. I love how it offers a beautiful shine. It has a nice smooth formula, I only needed two coats for total coverage. I also love how wide the brush is. I’m definitely gonna try more colors from this brand. I just fell in love with it and If you like dark nail polish as I do, I think you’re gonna love this one too.

The Nail Polish Details:

Brand: Sally Hansen

Color: Beet it 330

Tell me what you think about the color and the idea of a vegan polish.

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