Play By Your Own Rules

I always had some interest in colors but I didn’t know what was it exactly, so I tried different things starting from coloring books to makeup art and painting. I tried painting a long time ago but I didn’t like the results, because when I was painting, I was so afraid about how the painting will turn out. I did a couple of simple paints with a lot of pressure and fear. I was like “what if I added this color and then the painting didn’t look intriguing, what if, what if…. , I’m just gonna play by the rules, and I will make it as simple as I can” but the other day I decided to start painting without caring about the final look, and I decided not to look to any inspirational painting- which I always do before start painting. I just wanted to go blind, so I picked up my colors and brushes and I started painting and doing one of the things that I love.

I started by mixing some colors and I painted it without giving any thought about the final look, and I loved the releasing feeling before I even see the results. I said that as long as I’m enjoying the process it doesn’t matter what the outcome is. And I decided to follow this rule in everything I do, especially when I’m working on new paintings, cause these things need creativity, they required so much mixing and coloring, and doing it with this rule got me the best results I can ever hope for.

The bottom line is, if you love doing something, conquer all the expectations and the rules, and enjoy the moment. When you enjoy what you’re doing you will never get it wrong, and know that every piece has it’s own story that no one knows about but the one who created it, so it’s ok if no one gets what you’re doing because it’s your own story and it’s a reflection of you, no one has to understand it or approve it. Break your limits and try something new Today and always remember that there’s no limits to one’s creativity.

Thank you for being here and giving me the opportunity to share this with you.

Huge love,

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