My Trip to Giethoorn Village

Giethoorn is the most fairytale village in Europe, it’s located in the Northeastern part of the Netherlands, near to Amsterdam. It calls the Venice of Netherlands. It’s a small village, surrounded with canals where there’s no roads for cars, so you can only sail around, walk or cycle to transport yourself.

It’s literally a piece of heaven. The houses, the vibes, the waterways, the boats, not to mention the food, it was so delicious even the ice cream was so tasty and yummy.

We went on August 2021, the weather was clement and fair. We took a boat tour through the village which enabled us to see the village and its beautiful views. We sailed through the narrow canals and under the bridges, then the boat led us to a breathtaking spot. I can only describe it as my sister said “it feels like if you were standing inside a painting!” it was clear water with different kinds of swans and the sky was cloudy which added a perfect complete look, as you can see in the picture below, although we know a camera can’t capture the same beauty our eyes see.

This village is suitable for families, friends, couples, even if you like to travel by your own, you will find the people there so lovely and welcoming.

How To Get There

If you were in Amsterdam, you can take the train to Zwolle Station, it will take an hour and 30min to get there, then take the bus to Zwartsluis which is 10min away from the village, then take the next bus to Dominee Hylkemaweg which will stop exactly in front of Zwaantje Restaurant where you will find yourself standing at this beautiful spot.

You will need a boat to sail around the village. You can rent one for 10-15€ from Zwaantij restaurant or any rental places, they will be eager to take you to this magical tour. This experience is a must! You can’t go there without having this tour where you will enjoy the views, the weather and the cosy vibe.

If you were planing to spend only one day, as we did, you must put to your consideration that the bus station closes at 8PM so make sure to be there to catch the bus before it leaves.

Overall this trip was beyond magical, It was a complete different experience which we enjoyed every second of it and it was so worth it.

*Check my instagram for more videos of this trip

“An investment in travel is an investment in yourself” Matthew Karsten

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