My Airport Outfit

Eid holidays is coming which means, we’re ready to pack our bags and explore the world! I know I am.

When coming to airport outfit, comfort is my top priority, so I always try to pick clothes that don’t restrict me and give me space to move, most of the time I go with a comfy pants and pullover or hoodie. And because the planes are always cold I make sure to take a jacket/coat with me to keep me warmed. These are my top picks on every flight no matter what the duration of the flight is.

For this time, I chose a comfy leggings, sweatshirt with a hood and cozy coat, you can find the details below:

Jacket: Grey coat from QED London

Shirt: Black Hoodie from Calvin Klein

Pants: Black leggings from H&M

Shoes: Black sneakers from Lacoste < the most comfortable sneakers ever

Headwear: Red cap from Calvin Klein

As for the makeup, I don’t wear a single makeup on the plane, I just don’t feel comfortable wearing it while flying, beside I always intend to sleep through the flight, and you know what happens when you sleep with your mascara on, thanks but I’ll pass!

That’s it for my airport outfit, let me know what you think about it, and what your favorite airport outfit is. I would loveee to hear from you!

2 responses to “My Airport Outfit”

  1. Your airport outfit is very smart, Walaa, even if it’s, as you say, casual and comfortable for travelling. I can imagine it must be important to be as comfortable as you can be when flying. I’ve no idea what I would wear on a flight as I haven’t flown for decades! I wish you a happy Eid. I wasn’t sure when this was, so I googled it to find out. I believe it may be Ramadan at the moment too, so I hope that is going well for you. Take care. Ellie 🙂

    • Oh that’s super sweet of you googling Eid, I really appreciate that and your time! Thank you Ellie. When you travel, I would love if you could share with us some ideas about your outfit 😍

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