My 3 Top Favorite Fragrances: D&G And YSL

Light Blue From Dolce and Gabanna :

I first bought this one on 2019 and I fell in love with it immediately, ever since, I can’t help but to buy a new bottle before the one i already have is finished. It’s my top favorite perfume and I mostly get compliments when I wear this fragrance, if you like clean bright fragrance you will love light blue!

It’s a compensation of Fresh Granny Smith apple, bamboo, jasmine, white rose, amber and musk. I actually don’t recognize any of the scents above and I honestly don’t care, I just love this fragrance.

This scent is great for everyday wear no matter what the season is or what the time is. I wear it day and night, I know not every perfume can be worn both at morning and night times but this one does.

Black Opium From YSL:

This perfume has been my favorite for years now. it’s my signature scents. I think the almost-empty bottle says it all haha- it’s a combination of black coffee accord, orange blossom, cedarwood and patchouli. which at the end brings an elegant unique scents.

Black Opium feels chic, it feels elegant, it’s just something else! I sometimes like to mix it with the light blue to get a magical scents.

Libra From YSL:

well, obviously I’m a YSL fan, I fell in love with this perfume the moment I smelled it at the mall. I remember spraying a little of it on my Abaya and when I worn it the next day, it smells like if I just spray it on! so, I immediately decided to go back and buy it!

It’s a combination of jasmine, white floral, musk and Moroccan orange. and this one really last for hours, you don’t even need to spray a lot!

It’s so unique for me because I don’t own any scent like this one in my perfume collection. It has a strong and bold scents so I only like to wear it in the nights out, it’s really a glamorous fragrance.

Share with me in the comment box below what’s your scent of the day, I would love to hear from you!

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