15 Makeup Looks That Goes Perfectly With a Black Dress

A black dress is one of the must-have items for every woman’s wardrobe, we call this color “the king of all colors” it’s elegant, chic, catchy and sexy and for that I gathered different makeup looks to make you look stunning, whether you wanna go with a red lip stick, nude one, light or heavy makeup I got you covered!

Olga Kurylenko looks so light in this super natural makeup look with red lipstick to draw the attention to her lips

A red lipstick is always a game changer, this look is always a great choice for those who want to keep it simple but also appreciate glam

Choose these looks if you want a bold eyeliner look with nude lipstick to show the beauty of your eyes

Another pink/nude lipstick to drag the attention to the eyelashes

Natural brown makeup look can go perfectly with your black dress especially if your dress has so much details in it and you want everyone to notice it

Love the heavy eye makeup look? then it’s time to create a nighttime look that’ll turn heads to you and make you feel like a glam goddess

After writing this post I feel the urge to put on my black dress and head to any available event just to apply one of these looks hahaha. Share with me which one did you like more? I’m so in love with Rym’s and Alessandra’s.

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