Let’s Talk Fear

“Fear is an illusion” i’m sure you’ve heard this one before. I did, and I didn’t understand it until now, until I faced my fear and I saw how quickly it disappeared like it wasn’t there before. The moment I had the courage and decided to face it , and faced it, it was gone on a second! I was so blowing up by how easy it’s to overcome our fears. We live our lives carrying all this fear on our head without knowing that we have it or knowing how bad it’s effecting us and limiting us.

Face your fear then you’ll know there’s no such thing called fear except the idea you planted in your head, luckily you can overcome it just by having the courage to face it and doing the things that you’re afraid of doing. When you’re there believe me, you will wonder where has the fear gone? you will search for it but you will not find it because fear is illusion that our mind creates to protect us in a defensive way.

I’m not a writer or anything, I just felt like I wanna share this with you from my heart to yours, hoping it will inspire you or click something in your heart.

Huge love,


I’ve learned that fear is simply an illusion based on past experiences that we project into the present and onto the future. Gabrielle Bernstein

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