It Is All About Love

Self-love is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and to everyone around us. The moment you start to love yourself, your life will never be the same. There’s no such important thing than loving ourselves, from there we can give and receive love from everything around us.

Dr. Ehab Hamarneh once said “I asked a spiritual woman about the easiest way to grow, if there is only one thing I can do to change my life what would it be, she said; forget everything you know and focus on one thing only: self-love when I heard that for the first time I was so amazed! I didn’t know that self love was that important, I always read about self improvement and etc.. but it never accrued to me how much it’s important until I heard that word.

Since then I started to focus more on my self-love, then I got the idea of doing 40 self-love & self-acceptance cards with quotes from different teachers, most of them have really a huge impact on my life.

This 40 days journey will change your life by changing the way you look at yourself. When you start each day with one card and live that day according to the card’s quote, believe it and embrace it, you can set back and watch the magic do its thing.

You can purchase these cards from my WD Art store HERE or from my Koji store HERE

This file comes in pdf and png format. You can print it or save it on your computer/ phone.
Size: 5*7 inch | 12.7*17.7 cm

Thank you for being here!
My love, Walaa

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