How I treated My Acne Without Seeing a Doctor

First of all, I’m not saying not to go see your doctor, I’m just here telling my own story and experience with acne.

Back in 2014 I suffered from acne breakouts because I was using a cream that contain Cortisone without me knowing, so when I stopped using it the acne start to spread all over my face. I had different types of acne; Whiteheads, Papules, Nodules and the smalls one that pop under the skin. they were spreading all over my face in a crazy way!

First thing I decided to do is to go 100% natural, so I googled it up to find a natural face mask that can help to heal acne, and I found the one! I start applying it every single day and it did work like a miracle in a short time, I was left with some scars but the acne was gone, just like that. Ever since, this mask has been my favorite acne treatment, when any one asks me how to heal acne this is the first solution that pop up on my brain. Honestly I don’t use it often, because thank god I didn’t sever from any acne breakouts, but I’ll start using it again at least one time a month because I have an oily skin and sometimes I have acne at the start of my period.

This mask contains only two ingredients; dry milk powder and Sidr powder, Sidr is an evergreen plant, we use it a lot in the middle east for skin and hair as it’s knowing for its huge benefits. I don’t know what other countries call it but you can read more about it here Wiki.

Here is My Miracle Acne Treatment Mask:


-1 tbsp Sidr powder

-1 tbsp dry milk powder

-Enough amount of rose water


Mix the powders first, then start adding some water till you get a fine paste. Apply the mask over your face and nick and leave it for 20 to 30 min.

*Before you apply anything to your face, make sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed and your pores are ready for the mask.

I hope this mask will benefit you the same way I did, if you have any question don’t hesitate to ask me! Thank you for being here.



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