Homemade Hair Mask For Instant Result

This moisturising, anti-frizz yogurt hair mask is my favorite of all times, and it will be your new favorite! I can literally see the different from the first time! it’s easy and quick and you can find its ingredients in every house.

If your hair is frizzy and can’t deal with humidity, then this is the perfect mask for you, specially in this time of the year “Summer

It contains Yogurt which is well known for its hydrating benefit for the hair, it offers nourishment that our hair needs to grow strong and healthy. Honey which is the hair’s best friend, it helps to soften and smoothen your hair, full of vitamins, it’s also skin food for your scalp. Coconut oil to keep the hair moist and soft and to prevent hair breakage- you can replace it with almond oil which has the same benefits, and the last ingredient is optional; lavender essential oil, not only to give you a nice smell but it can prevents hair loss and enables hair growth. Imagine how your hair will look like after feeding it with all these ingredients

DIY Yoghurt Hair Mask For Frizzy Hair


-1/2 cup Yogurt or more depends on the length of your hair

-2 tbsp coconut oil or almond oil.

-1 tbsp honey

-3 drops lavender essential oil -optional


1. mix all ingredients together

2. Apply to hair from top to bottom and cover with a shower cap

3. Let it sit for 1 to 2 hours

4. Rinse well

5. Enjoy a shiny hair!

I encourage you to try it, and don’t forget to let me know what you think.

*Photo by @Racool_studio

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