Hairstyle Ideas To Stand Out This Summer

In addition to my last post 5 Items Every Woman Should Own This Summer, here I wanna share with you some of my favorite hairstyle that I’m 100% with trying it this summer.


This one is definitely gonna be my next hairdo, I love the simplicity of it and the little braid that adds a beautiful addition to the hairstyle.

When wearing your hair down try adding these cute two braids, it will look really beautiful especially at an outdoor day occasion. I still need to master these braids, unfortunately I’m terrible at it.

High Buns:

If you’re having a hot sunny day and you’re thinking of styling your hair up, but you want to maintain to look stunning at the same time, these natural buns will do the trick. They’re perfect if you were looking for some way to keep your hair look amazing yet messy in a natural way. You definitely need to consider trying one of these hairdos in your next occasion!

Hair Worn Down:

Fan of a messy hair but you don’t like the buns? I got you covered! This is the perfect combination of having your hair down and messy at the same time.

Half-Up Bun:

I love this hairstyle combination, which allows you to have your hair down and up at the same time, whether you have a long or short hair it will make you look amazing. You can also add a double braids on both sides for an informal day look.

Sleek Bun Look:

Looking for effortless yet chic look? These two looks can make you stand out especially when you don’t have enough time to do your hair. Whether you wanna go with high or middle part bun, you can achieve this look with your favorite styling gel and toothbrush or hair finishing stick to set the baby hairs down., and voilà, you’r ready to impress the world!

Sleek Ponytail Look:

If you were looking for more simple yet elegant hairstyle, I got you with this super elegant look. I believe this hairstyle will make you look attractive and sexy, whether you chose the high or down ponytail you will stand out in any!

Wet hair:

This wet hair look has been my goal for so long and I still didn’t nail it yet, this summer I will definitely go for it!

Check my Pinterest for more hairstyles. Wish you a fabulous summer! <3

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