Get Ready With Me: Autumn Color Ideas

I love to travel in autumn since unfortunately we don’t have it in Jeddah-my hometown- but I love fall so much with its colors, smells and fallen leaves.

This season is all about warm colors, I’m gonna talk about the top 4 colors you may need for warm fashionable autumn, except white & black these two are always essentials.

Crimson: The first color that comes to my mind when I hear the word “Autumn” is deep red, there can’t be an autumn without this color. Sure you need to pick the deep red that looks great on you and suits your undertone weather it’s : crimson, wine, burgundy, claret, maroon etc… my undertone is pink so crimson is my color.

Pine Green: this color is a must for a fashionable fall, you can have a green sweater, nail polish or handbag, and of course choose the right dark green for you whether it’s pink or yellow undertone.

Camel or Beige: to add some light to your look, you may choose a camel coat which I recommend so much, a boot or a nice bag.

Dark Grey: when you see this color first thing you feel is the warmth of it, so in these cold days this color is the one for you, as it combines warmth and fashion.

Hope you like this post and find it helpful, I wish you an Autumn full of warmth and joy!

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