Five Of My Essentials

Here are some of my daily essential that I can’t go anywhere without;

My Sunscreen: I never go anywhere without applying a sunscreen. For me, it’s a must to use a natural one, that’s why I only use sun pharmacy’s sun screen. It’s so important to protect your skin from the harmful sun rays. I also wear it before I apply makeup even if it’s on the evening.

My Lip Balm: I always moisturise and hydrate my lips since for ever, i don’t have one particular favorite, I always love to try other different brands and sometimes i make my own lip balm! the thing is, I never go without my lip balm and I moisturise my lip hundred times a day, it’s so important to me. I have reach to the point that when I don’t use my balm I instantly feel uncomfortable with my lip, that’s why I can’t forget to moisturise it.

My Sanitizer: Honestly, I didn’t pay much attention to sanitizers until after the covid pandemic, and because most of the sanitizer contains alcohol and dehydrate your hand, I replaced it with my hand soap cleanser. It’s a soap but there is no water required, it also doesn’t dry my hand like other sanitizers does. I use it every time everywhere, even after I wash my hand with a real soap and water, I spray a little of this cleanser on my palm just in case.

My Hand Lotion: I could really feel when my hands need some moisturizing, that’s why I always take with me a hand lotion and I always feel something’s missing if i forget to use it.

My Bose earphones: I love listening to music, I mean who doesn’t? so, it’s important to me to use an earphones that has the best sound quality, and for me, no one can do it better than Bose. I love how this earphone can deliver a rich, full audio. It has a noise cancelling system and I turn it on when I want to block the outside world, especially when i take my daily walk it really help block all the street noise around me.

Along with my phone, sunglasses and perfume, these are my 5 essentials that I really can’t live without. Let me know if we have something in common!

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