Best Summer Makeup Tips and Looks

Hello gorgeous! so we started this summer series with 5 essential items every woman should own this summer, then Hairstyle ideas for this summer and we’re ending it with the best summer makeup tips and looks.

Summer makeup is all about glow, dewy and natural look. I’m not an expert in makeup but if you’re a fan of a natural makeup look- like me, then here are some tips that will make you killing it this year:

Exfoliate Your Face by scraping off the top layer of your skin using a Dermaplaner to remove unwanted facial hair to get more smoother and brighter makeup look.

Wear less makeup, if you want to avoid the creasing and caking that the hot weather always caused, go foundation-less. Use only a concealer -If needed- to cover shadows and spots.

Use a prime before applying your makeup, especially on your eyelid for a longer-lasting makeup.

Light up your look with light eyeshadow shades and nude, sweet pink or peach lipstick to bring a youthful glow to your look.

Style your brow in an upward direction, you can achieve that look by using a strong and flexible brow gel. All you need is a bit of boldness to get started ; )

Invest in a good waterproof mascara to avoid raccoon eyes- if you’re going to swim.

Glow with a highlighter whether you prefer a creamy, liquid or powder highlight. No summer beauty look is complete without a dusting of a shimmery highlighter.

Apply a bronzer just to the high points of your face where the sun naturally hits you.

Go for a creamy blush instead of powdery blush if you were looking for longevity in the hot weather. This step will add a healthy flush of color to your skin.

A small amount of pressed powder can help you eliminate the unsightly shiny look on a slick T-zone, if needed.

Always finish with a setting spray to get your makeup to last all day long.

Check my Pinterest for more makeup inspiration looks to get you started!

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