7 Essentials to Keep in Your Gym Bag

Packing a gym bag is a fairly routine procedure. You might keep a gym bag pre-packed in your car or bedroom that you can just pick up and go. And being a gym person, I kind of know what I need to take with me to the gym, here is a list of “must-haves” for every gym bag, these things can be so handy and it will make your time there more smoother;

Body mist: to smell amazing, before you start your exercise spray your favorite body mist all over your body.

Lip Balm: for me I can’t go anywhere without my lip balm. While you exercise there’s a great chance that your lip will gets dry and gives you that uncomfortable feeling, it would really help if you apply your lip balm before and after you start your workout.

Sanitizer: is a must to cleanse your hand before and after your exercises.

Bottle of Water: A reusable water bottle makes it easier to stay hydrated, so make sure to keep a bottle of water close by during your workout. Plus it will remind you and keep track of your daily water intake.

Headphone: Music helps people get into the zone and pace their workout. Motivating music can totally make the difference between a good workout and a great workout. I usually don’t like the gym’s music list so I like to play and listen to my own.

Gloves: Gloves protect hands from calluses and blisters, especially if you lift heavy weights.

Hand Lotion: after working out, moisturize your hand and give it a touch of care after all the workout you’ve done and the weights you’ve lifted.

*Photo by Karolina Grabowska

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